The 90/10 Rule of Selling Worn Panties

Usually when I take a look at panty sellers pages on sites like Pantydeal or Scented Pansy, I find that a lot of sellers make this really common mistake.

It’s not our fault. We think that because we are opening a STORE or a SHOP that, well, you do what a normal shop owner does and post pictures of your items.

And of course, there *should* be pictures of your items, right? Because that’s what you’re selling? That’s what they’re buying?


But also, nah.



Yes you have a store. Yes you’re selling items. But NO, the majority of what you put in your store should not be about the items.

I just messaged a seller about this and I’m coining it my 90/10 rule.

My advice to this seller (and to all sellers) was to upload more images of herself onto her page.

Because *most* buyers (and yes, there are REALLY persnickety ones who want to know the actual astrology sign of your underwear) could care less about the products. They want to see you.


That sounds a bit gross but hopefully you understand what I’m getting at.

They want to see you. Lots of you. I don’t mean nudes but yeah, they want to see that too – but not for free, ladies!

They want to be attracted to you. That’s what comes first (LOL).

THEN they want to see the products they can buy from you.

90% you

10% your products

You can see this turns the whole store thing right on its head, right?

Imagine you went into a shop and there was just masses of photos of the shop owner everywhere and only if you were digging her/him would you get to see what was for sale. That would be super weird, right?

Of course these men are in the market for worn panties, but ultimately they want to see if they like the look of the store first before they shop there.

So get it out of your head that you need to focus on getting a thousand pics of each panty up on your page. You absolutely DO need pics of your inventory and you wearing them is a solid bonus.

But the ultimate priority needs to be pics of you.

Because THAT is what they’re here for.

Hope this helps.

Dalma x

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