The Biggest Mistakes I Made Selling My Used Knickers Online

I’ve been selling my used panties online for nigh on 15 months now. Not a long time by any stretch of the imagination but I want to share with you the biggest mistakes I made selling my used knickers online, so that you can feel comfortable about your own mistakes and possibly even avoid some of mine.

1. Going in to the industry without a clue about what the panty fetish was/is.

This, ironically, probably was a good thing in hindsight. I mean, if you come into an industry without any preconceived ideas, then you’re not likely to railroad against very much.

But really, I’d say it’s helpful to have at least the broadest of understandings about what the panty fetish is all about. What do your customers look for in your panties? Not in, in your panties but you know, whatever. What do they intend to do with them? These are basic things to understand if you’re going to sell a product online. You know, what do your customers want and why?

THAT IS HUGE. Any company that begins selling anything always has to know the underlying need and desire of its customers!

A lot of sellers don’t know, don’t care or don’t mind. 

But yeah.

I mentioned very early on in my Panty Selling Podcast that if you were super serious about making a go of this, then spend even an hour or two researching panty sniffers online. There are forums! I’ve found them and I’ve read them. Fascinating stuff.


2. Not appreciating the level of scamming in the industry.

Scamming is rife. It’s part of the way of the interwebs these days and we have to have our guard up. This is tied in to your security online. Know how to protect yourself from people whose sole job it is to scam you out of money or time. 

I’ve been scammed twice. Once was fairly recently too so it can happen at all stages of your journey. Sure, if you’ve been selling a while you know all the tricks to watch out for. But alas, it can still happen.

If you’ve been scammed, don’t feel too bad about it. Shit happens and we move on. Live and learn and all that…


3. Packaging

I absolutely cringe when I think about how I packaged the first pair of panties I sold. Oh goodness, the poor guy that received them. 

Most sellers who’ve been selling a while will have their own unique way of packaging based on lots of trial and error. I like to think I’ve got my packaging down to a fine art now. There are things that I include with every package.

Little things like packaging can really make a difference to your customer’s experience. The difference between a great seller and a mediocre seller is the level of detail they put into the overall experience from beginning to end. Finishing touches like beautiful packaging and well-thought out extra touches, can have a buyer coming back to you again and again. Which leads me on to…


4. The Loyal Customer

I didn’t probably catch on until month 5 or 6 the absolute GOLD that lies in treating every customer as if they’re going to want to return again and again. And guess what? If you treat them that way, the chances are they probably will!

That doesn’t mean give them the moon on a stick, but if you make sure that you deliver over and above expectations, you’ve secured additional income and created a great experience for that person.


5. Undercharging

Pricing is such a huge topic of conversation for sellers. We could talk until the cows come home but really, most new sellers (myself included) mistakenly believed that pricing low means more sales.


It’s the absolute opposite sometimes. In fact, when I upped my prices sometimes I made even more sales. 

You have to price in a way that feels right for you but I’d absolutely encourage you to add value rather than lower your price. And also, realise this is a business. If you want to stay in business you need margins, you have overheads and you need profit! That’s just basic common sense.

I have definitely made sales and felt really sad about the amount of money received for the effort I put in. Now, when I pick a price, it’s because I really feel motivated and inspired to create something amazing for that price point. I feel adequately compensated for my work.


6. Giving away too much nudity 

In the beginning I fell into the same trap as most other new sellers and figured that the more I showed, the more I’d sell.


I also showed teaser clips of videos that left nothing to the imagination. Cringe!

Now, you’re very unlikely to find any pic of me online that shows any more than my bare ass. That’s deliberate. If anyone wants to see more, they have to pay. End of.


7. Paying attention to the wrong things

I have a list as long as your arm on this one.

What other sellers are doing.

What other sellers are charging.

How many reviews I have.

How many reviews anyone else has.

Drama in the community.

Comparing myself to other sellers.

Seriously, the list goes on. Every time I find myself focused on the wrong thing, I come back to what’s important. Me, my products, my offer, my community, my customers, my business.

I’ve seen it a lot in groups I’ve joined. People choosing to focus their time, energy and effort into bullshit that has nothing to really do with anything – or nothing that will lift their business and their income to the next level! Bitching and bemoaning and belittling – I’ve literally zero time or capacity for that. 


8. Following the crowd

I’ve fallen foul of this a few times. Joining platforms or sites because someone else has told me it’s a good idea rather than checking in to see whether it would work for me or whether I have the time and effort to put into something new.

I’m learning to get better with this one. But when you think the grass is greener somewhere else, we’re all tempted to jump ship rather than stay the course.


Those are the main mistakes I’ve made. I’d love to hear yours! 



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