The High Of Selling Your Used Underwear Online

As I mentioned before, I’ve had a bit of a forced break from used panty selling due to moving home and crazy non-existent wifi and phone signal.

It’s been frustrating to say the least, trying to fit in sales work whenever I can finally get online. Right now I’m typing this blog post at a soft-play centre.

And I’ve said before, when sales decline it’s hard to keep your energy and vibe up.

You start to question whether you should even bother selling anymore.

But you remember how good it felt to make money so easily.

To do little but earn a lot.

And THAT’s what lures you back in. That is what keeps you in the game and focused on making sales.

And so when I made two sales a couple of days ago – despite being in and out of signal and hoping I had enough signal to complete the transaction – I remembered how ALIVE it feels to make money.

To have money deposited into your account is a HIGH.

It’s addictive.

Sales are addictive.

When someone wants to buy something from YOU over everyone else…

When someone is prepared to part with their hard-earned cash just to see YOU or have a piece of YOU,..

THAT is addictive. THAT feels good.

Earning money and making sales feels good.

I love knowing where that money is going. I love feeling as if I have created pleasure in someone’s life and been compensated for it.

And when you haven’t made any sales in what feels like FOREVER, that one sale is all you need for you to want to carry on. To remember the high and keep plugging away at making more sales.

If you haven’t made a sale in a while and you’re starting to feel shitty about it, sit down, think about sales you’ve made before.

How did you feel?

What did it feel like to complete the purchase and move that money into your bank account?

Tap into that feeling.

Remember it.

Feel it.

Remind yourself of it.

Don’t use it to feel bad, this is an exercise in shifting you out of the shitty into the shit hot seller you know you are.

You’ll feel it again, I promise.

Whenever I feel glum about not having made a sale I remind myself that the next sale is just around the corner.

Of course it is.

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