The PayPal Sex Worker Thing

PayPal does not support sex work. I think we all know that by now. But still, I see sellers claiming that they’re getting away with it just fine.

That doesn’t mean it’s going to last.

Honestly, if I had $1 for every seller I see who ‘thinks’ they’ve somehow got around it, I’d be a little bit richer.

The truth is it is simply a matter of time. 

Having a business bank account will not protect you.

Having a fake name will not protect you.

Having a real name will not protect you.

Not linking it to a bank account or card will not protect you.

There is no way to circumnavigate their terms and conditions.

I know, it’s shit. Especially if you only have this option running for accepting payments. If you need some help, check out this blog post and this, and this one

But you have to look at other payment options to cover your back and really only resort to using PayPal for sex work very, very, very occasionally.

I’m on my 6th PayPal account now. I don’t use it for accepting payments for panties anymore because it’s just too risky and I really like having a PayPal for other ‘legitimate’ things.

So, if you’re currently thinking you are somehow protected, think again. They’ll catch up with you eventually. Always, always remove the money from your account once received. This doesn’t protect you from chargebacks as your balance will run negative and you’ll be asked to pay back the money.

And think about how you can find safer alternatives like Onlyfans.


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