These Are The Things They Say About Women Like Us.

Have you ever had a pretend conversation in your head with your friends?

You know, the one where you tell them what you do to make money?

Maybe some of them already know.

But do you tell them the full story?

Like, maybe some of your friends (like mine) know I sell panties. But they don’t know I sell videos too.

They don’t know the weird and wonderful things I’ve received money for. You know what I’m talking about!

And I’ve kept it hidden. OF COURSE I’VE KEPT IT HIDDEN.

I sure as hell haven’t posted it on my social media.

But Lord, I’ve thought about it. Fantasized about it even. 

I’ve imagined what SHE would say and what SHE would think if they really knew what my new exciting business really is.

And the very few friends that do know, well, I know what they think and how they feel about it (because they’ve outright told me).




And all the rest.

And I guess before I got into sex work I probably was one of those women.

The women who think (and say) that the women who do sex work are somehow ‘different’ to them.

These women, they’re probably desperate.

They have no self-respect.

They have no shame!

And even if they don’t outright say it, some of them definitely think it.

And even if they don’t think it, plenty more out there do.

And it’s not helped by the fact that society as a whole does not like sex workers. Fuck, we can’t even get paid for our work because big corp wants to make it impossible for us.

Talk about being fucked over by every angle.


Oppression at every turn.

Don’t panic, this definitely isn’t a woe is us type post.

But I think it’s fair to say it takes a super woman NOT to be affected by that. Hell, I spoke on my podcast (more than once) about my own inner struggle with the ‘good girls don’t do this’ narrative. And I know I’m not alone.

But let’s take it deeper.

What is the connection between your own sexuality and sex work?

What about the baggage you carried BEFORE you got ‘into’ sex work?

What impact does that have?

Well, quite possibly everything really.

Because THAT is part and parcel where the inner narrative comes from – the experiences that shaped your sexuality as you were growing up, what you were conditioned to think about how you exist sexually in this world and the identity you’ve created around both of those.

And I only made the connection and came to this realisation very recently.

Who I am as a sex worker is underpinned by my own sexual identity and experiences – in particular those around sexual shaming and the ‘good girl’ or even the virginal archetype.

And so for me the question became:


How do I overcome these blocks and undo the potential they have to sabotage how I show up in my work as a sex worker?

So I set to work and decided that in order to fully show up as a sexual being (and stop potentially sabotaging my income through my inner B.S. because really, why can I not say pussy without cringing????), it was time to heal some of the inner shame I was carrying into this work from my past.

A number of years ago I discovered a process for breaking those chains in a different area of my life and figured that it made sense to apply it to my sexuality. 

And the results???

Well, I can’t say I woke up as a full-embodied mega sexy whore screaming PUSSY from the rooftops and telling the world I’m a sex worker, BUT…


I certainly felt/feel like I’ve overcome something that was definitely holding me back. I can sense that I’ve stepped into a more confident sexy version of myself.

It’s allowed me to show up more fully in my sexuality UN-A-FUCKING-POLOGETICALLY.

And I definitely felt the shift.

A massive fuck you to the shame and judgement I was holding on to.

Not being afraid to sell SEX.

Being behind what I do without feeling I have to hide it through FEAR.

Forgiving my past and the stories that had shaped my sexuality as a woman. Some of which I’d completely forgotten about/repressed.

And so I’ve recorded the process to help you.

Maybe you aren’t even AWARE of what you’re holding on to – I wasn’t. Hell, I was surprised at some of the realisations I had in this process.

Maybe you know that there’s a contraction inside you when it comes to selling your products or offers because you’re embarrassed or scared or ashamed somehow.

Maybe like me you really struggle to connect to your inner sexually alive being?

If so, then this is for you.



Hot Shame


I’ve created a workshop called Hot Shame to help you discover what is potentially holding you back.

Uncover your hidden beliefs around your sexuality so that you can FINALLY let the un-supportive ones go and strengthen the connection between your sexuality and your sex work.

Forgive yourself for the stories you’ve held on to around your sexuality and sex work.

When you release the shame, blame and mental energy around your sexuality and sex work, you’ll be amazed at the clarity that you can bring to your work. 

Does that mean you’re going to jump straight to your social media to post EXACTLY what you do for a living?

Probably not.

But this isn’t about everyone else. This is about YOU.

This is about how you feel internally about your sexuality and what you do for work and the connection between these is so POTENT if you want to show up and express who you truly are.

In fact, it’s going to help you stand out more when you aren’t trying to emulate the sexual expression of other sellers but can fully step into your own unique sexual expression.

This is an audio training workshop with accompanying 23 page PDF fill-able handout to help you drop the shame and move on as an empowered sexually alive being, ready to harness that sexuality and transmute it to your business outcomes.

Ready to drop the shame?

Sign up for the pre-launch workshop price by clicking the image below: (paid via Payhip)

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