Too Many Used Panty Orders

I received this message from a used panty seller:

Dalma.. I have a bit of a good problem. I’m curious your thoughts… I’m currently booked out over a month with panties and I don’t really want to go much further out for a bit. Is it best to just say I’m not taking panty orders for a certain amount of time? Or should I keep taking orders? It feels like if something goes wrong, it’ll be too much to move things around at a certain point.

This is an excellent question.

Here are my thoughts…

First of all, from a business perspective, of course you should continue to take orders, right?

We want to take orders to create loyal customers that come back for more and ensure a long-term income in this business/

BUT… And you knew there was a but, right?

I totally get the feeling of not wanting to accept more orders

I remember when I was booked out for the next few weeks I’d start to hope that I didn’t get more orders!

I’d begin to feel overwhelmed and like I had lots to organise and that would make me feel a little stressed out.

So I absolutely understand any seller feeling as if they can’t take any more orders.

That said, the nature of this business is so up and down that chances are you might get to next month, have not much booked in and then kick yourself that you didn’t book in more orders.

I’m going to move more towards taking the orders and going forward firmly in the mindset of it’s all going to take care of itself and there’s nothing to worry about.

There are very popular sellers who don’t even tell customers when to expect the order as they have so many to get through!!

Not that I’m suggesting you do that. I’d be clear with potential customers and say that you’re very popular and booked out so you anticipate X date but with a possible 2-3 days delay to account for any unforeseen eventualities (like your period etc.).

I would upsell (you should be doing this anyway) and deliver any digital content as soon as I could to sweeten the deal and encourage them to go ahead with the order.

But yes, even though it can feel overwhelming – organisation is absolutely VITAL when you get to this level of wears – I’d push ahead with the customer orders.

OR, you could take a holding deposit that is non-refundable unless you have some kind of change of circumstances or heart that you want to refund and cancel some orders in your calendar. That would be my compromise suggestion

I hope that helps!

Take care of yourself and keep slaying!!

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