Top Tip For Onlyfans, AVN Stars and AdmireMeVIP

Here are my top tips for managing your Onlyfans, AVN Stars and AdmireMeVIP (as well as other subscription sites). If you want to create recurring revenue using a subscription site but you aren’t fully sold on the why, please refer to this blog post where I talk about the benefits of Onlyfans and why you should have one. 

Now, I’m going to share with you the top things that help me with regards to my subscription sites.


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First off, if you’ve listened to the podcast you’ll know that I’m all about the long-term view.

It is worth repeating here, that there is no such thing as an overnight success. Just focus on putting out great content consistently and you will do well.

Which leads on to the next tip…

Be consistent. If you start off posting three times a day every day, you can’t then switch to nothing for a few days or whatever.

Your followers will come to expect a post at a particular time of day or on a set day. Stick to it. It builds trust and familiarity for your followers. The great thing about these sites is they have a schedule function so there’s no excuse for forgetting.

Be engaging.

What’s the difference between posting a pic and beside it you’ve got…

“Hey, I’m just trying on this lingerie.”


“Do you like these?” or “Tell me what colour you prefer…”

The first is pretty passive. The second examples encourage your followers to engage and ENGAGEMENT is everything. Sites like Onlyfans have options for polls, which can be fun and useful.

Next up, be strategic on your upsells.

Give plenty for free (to paid subscribers) and then maybe one out of every 5 or 6 posts you can choose to upsell. This is only relevant if you are upselling (which is a great way to boost income) but really, your followers don’t want to feel that they are having to pay for all the real content. Give them as much as you can before asking for payment for more.

With AVN Stars you can post some posts as free and the rest for paid subscribers and then also ask for tips for further content. For me, because I’m in building mode for my AVN Stars, I’ve been posting two free items of content per day and one paid for. I haven’t started asking for tips yet.

AdmireMeVIP actually suggests that users only use the Premium (pay extra) function every few posts.

Use your time effectively.

I take my pics of my content on the Sunday of the week before and post it throughout the week. This means that whatever is happening in my life I have images ready to go that don’t require me taking content every day – especially because I post every day.

I schedule the free content for two weeks ahead of time on AVN Stars. For whatever reason I haven’t used schedule on Onlyfans. But it makes sense to sit down and get it all good to go for the week ahead and do this once per week.

Keep tabs of what you’ve posted and where. 

I post the same picture on each of my sites each day and know what has been uploaded and what hasn’t. If you have hundreds of images (like me) it’s easy to forget and you may upload something twice.

If you have followers who have already seen some of your previous pics then it’s wise to take new pics that are fresh and up to date content. If the bulk of your followers haven’t seen them then it’s fine

Whilst I do usually take all my pics upfront, if I’m doing stories or little videos then sometimes these are taken on the day if the mood takes me. But mostly, everything is taken in one day to save me time and energy.

Offer membership discounts sporadically. If you have a constant discount sale on then it makes the value questionable. Decide what feels right for you but aim to run a special once in a while.

If someone does not renew I always offer them a discount. That’s just my decision and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

And you can run special offers just for your subscribers to help them feel valued.

Don’t get despondent if people don’t renew. Plenty more fish in the sea. It’s not a judgement on you or your content. Sometimes people can’t commit.

And that’s it. I hope this helps you build your Onlyfans, AVN Stars and AdmireMe content – and all other similar sites.

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