Top Tips On Approaching Buyers for Panty Sellers

It never fails to surprise and delight me the number of panty sales I’ve made just by reaching out and messaging a stranger on a selling platform.

We engage in a little chat and then they buy.

Quite by magic.

There are three camps when it comes to used panty sellers.

The first believe you should NEVER message panty buyers first – let them come to you.

The second believe you should ALWAYS message panty buyers. Because why the fuck not?

The third believe it’s ok to cold message buyers asking them to buy straight off the bat.

I’m very firmly in camp number two.

In fact, I will avoid a platform if there’s no way to reach out to buyers.

If you want to make sales, you need to be able to COMMUNICATE with your buyer.

And here’s the good news.

It’s super easy.

All you have to do is be able to get over yourself and not give two fucks whether the person replies or not.

Here’s what NOT to do:

Do NOT message the buyer asking them to buy from you or telling them about a special offer or some shit.

That’s it.

Everything else is fair game.

I message buyers all the time.


Does everyone respond?

Fuck no!

Sometimes if they do, I just get a ‘thanks’ or something.

No big deal. On to the next person.

Because there are two things going on when you reach out to a buyer. The first is to GET THEIR ATTENTION, even for a few moments. The second, is to get a connection between you.

Not every single person you message will like you. So they might not respond.

Some might respond and then it’s just not happening so it goes nowhere.

But sometimes, just sometimes, you’ll hit it off and they’ll like you and want to purchase.


So here are my tips….



It’s fucking exhausting pretending to be something you’re not AND a lot of guys can see through any bullshit anyway.

A little bit of bullshit is ok. I’m gonna say 5-10% bullshittery that paints a picture because of course, this is sales and we want to create an experience.

NEVER NEVER NEVER tell them about your shitty day, your bills, your problems, your doubts, your anything negative.

Keep it light. Keep it light. Keep it light.

Your sellers group is where you talk shit, vent, complain – dig?

Start a conversation they way you might with any perfect stranger. Try to find some common ground. Create some humour. Talk about something on their profile.

Find something – anything – and start there.



Let them initiate the sale. If you’re getting pissed off because the conversation is ‘going nowhere’ then bid them farewell as you need to get back to work.

Don’t for fuck’s sake chat all day being someone’s emotional crutch in the hope that it leads somewhere. Whilst the conversation is good, stay at it. If you don’t like it, leave.



Of course, guys have tried to fucking sext me once a conversation is up and going.

I always reply with an emoji or close those conversations down because I don’t offer sexting. If you do, then make sure you know the right time to introduce it being a paid for service.

Some guys will rip the piss out of you so be aware.



Never beg. Never try to coerce or convince. They either vibe with you or they don’t There’s nothing you can do to convince someone to be into you when they’re not. Some buyers end up feeling guilt-tripped into buying. Don’t do this. It’s sucky and everyone feels shit afterwards.

Let them fucking chase you. 



Fuck, if it isn’t fun then don’t do it. That’s my motto.

There have been conversations that I’m not digging or times when I’ve just not felt the vibe with someone and so I let them know I have to go.

If you were at a party with a really boring person you’d find a way to exit the situation. Same goes.

You’ll know quite quickly when you make a good connection with someone.



Ask the person questions about them. People love to talk about themselves.

Flatter them. I DO NOT MEAN BE DISINGENUOUS, really try to find something that you can compliment them on. If you’re overly fake, people will know and they won’t fucking trust you.



Don’t be afraid to say how you really feel about something, even if you think the other person will disagree with you. I had that come up a few weeks ago where I was completely against the buyer’s argument. But I stood my ground because to be honest in that situation was more important than a sale.

Personally, I think people respect you more when you don’t try to kowtow to them.



Sometimes it’s very fucking obvious to me that something is ‘off’ about someone.

I don’t like their attitude or I don’t like something they’ve said or how they’ve said it.

Whatever little warning sign is going off in your head, trust it. It’s always right. Even if you don’t know what it is, the fact that you’re getting that intuitive feel that something doesn’t sit right is enough to call quits to the engagement.



You don’t know who knows who or who’s done what in terms of who you’re speaking to. It pays not to mention other sellers other than in a positive or ambivalent manner. Drama pervades this community as much as any other and shit comes back to bite you on the ass so keep quiet.

Again, if you want to bitch then leave it to your sellers group.

If the buyer starts bitching or involving you in gossip or drama, change the subject or disengage.




For lots of reasons. A big scary one? Some buyers have multiple profiles. If they message you on one and you say one thing, then message you from another and you say the opposite… Well, doesn’t look good.

If you’re just being you and not faking then you won’t have to worry about this or any other amalgamation thereof.



Try to be you as much as you can and aim to spread positivity and be helpful to others. Genuinely want to do well, provide a good service and create a fun place to work and you’ll go far!



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