Ultimate Guide To Selling Used Panties Online

So you want to get started making money online selling your used panties?

But you don’t know where to start…


Hi, I’m Dalma, host of The Panty Selling Podcast.

I’ve been selling my used underwear on various platforms for over two years now and I’ve dedicated myself to creating a community of panty sellers online, helping sellers just like you to get started and start making sales!

After hundreds of requests, I’ve put together
​The Ultimate Guide To Selling Your Used Panties Online

If you’re brand new to this work but ready to learn everything you need to know about the inner and outer workings of a Global Panty Selling Empire then this is for you.

What’s more,  you can get set up TODAY, to start making money from your panties (and more)…

In The Ultimate Guide To Selling Your Used Panties Online we will cover

  • What You Need To Know Before You Even Begin (What Most Panty Sellers Won’t Tell You And What You’ll Wish You Knew!)
  • Getting Started – Your Profile/Brand/Business
  • Your Pictures – Including my #1 HACK on how to take great shots – especially if you’re taking them yourself!
  • Where To Sell – The Best Of The Best (And What To Avoid!)
  • Tools Of The Trade – What You’ll Need PLUS Tips and Tricks To Enhance The Quality Of Your Content
  • What To Sell & What To Charge – Full Pricing Guide included
  • How To Sell – Sales Techniques and Strategies That Work!
  • Receiving Payments Plus Your Online Security
  • The Inner Work – It’s Mindset as well as Management!

And basically every other possible thing you would need to know to start selling your underwear online TODAY!

I will share with you EVERYTHING you need to make this work for you. And if there’s anything you need answered, I’ll create new content to answer your question and add it to the program.

This is as good as having me right beside you, helping you get set up and the ball rolling.

Think of me as your personal panty selling coach!

You can try to work all this out for yourself and spin your wheels or you can do it with my help.

Jump in now and get INSTANT ACCESS

When I first started selling panties online, I was jumping from pillar to post trying to figure everything out! I felt overwhelmed and out of my depth.

I got scammed, I made mistakes and I sucked at sales.

What I desperately needed was someone to hold my hand and guide me step-by-step through the whole process. And so that’s what I’ve created for you.

Save yourself time, energy and money by knowing straight away what to do and how to do it!

Plus, you’ll also have access to me throughout, if you have ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL, I’m there for you! You’ll gain access to my sellers Discord group where you’ll have access to other sellers like you, making money online selling their used underwear and more!



What I KNOW…

I’ll be honest with you, I have spent a LOT of time online talking to other sellers and I can see why some people just seem to do better than others.

It’s because people get it backward.

Sellers focus on the wrong things and spend their time chasing their tails rather than staying focused on the absolute crux of making sales.

People will buy because they FEEL you, and that is it.


Of COURSE you need to have the systems and strategy in place and leverage your time, energy and content.

On top of that, mindset is an absolutely critical piece of the puzzle.

Now, after months of figuring it out, I am in a very rare and unique position where I am able to help guide absolute beginners on how to save time and energy on the wrong things and just get on with making sales STAT!

I have to tell you in case you didn't see it in the group chat... I broke $1k just before I was active on the site for a whole month. Yay!!! I truly have you to thank for that success!! Just wanted to say you're doing a great job, you're very entertaining, inspiring and overall someone I'd gravitate towards in my real life. Thank you, again, so much for all you're doing for me, personally, as well as at the newer/veteran sellers! Thank you for the podcasts and KiK group. If I didn't have them I wouldn't have known what to do with that terrible customer. I'm in a really good place now because I had a support system and a place to learn.

How It Works and What You Get…

  • Audio trainings on each of the topics above PLUS any new content as and when it is added!
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the recordings including up-to-date advice on what’s going on in the selling community and what you need to be aware of!
  • Top tips and hacks from me on how I’m currently selling including my strategies.
  • Ask me anything – new content created around your problem/challenge/questions
  • Free 1:1 Access to me to give you personalised feedback on your profile or your offerings
  • Access to the  #sellersbeforefellas private discord group for support and community with other sellers​



Morning Dalma! I'm new to the sellers before fellas group chat and the panty selling world and I've just started listening to your podcasts! They are so helpful and so well done so I just wanted to say a big thank you! Hi, I found this site from your YouTube videos. I'd only ever been on Panty Trust before. You're YouTube videos are great! It's really interesting hearing what it's like from a panty sellers perspective. So I just thought I'd send you a message to say thanks! Thank you so much!! I haven't been through all of them yet but just the first 3 lessons have already completely changed my mind about my approach. You're amazing!

I Want To Make This A No-Brainer For You…

I know that money is probably a BIG motivation for you entering this work. That’s why I’ve kept this offer at a super LOW price. I could charge ten times as much for this information.

I KNOW you will make a significant return on this investment (hundreds of times over), if you are willing to do the work and put in the time and energy it takes to make sales in this business.

Join me and the thousands of other women making money online in the comfort of their own home, providing high quality desirable items to a growing market.

​See you on the inside! Click image to purchase


If you have any questions at all about the training, please email me dalma@pantysellingschool.com


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