Using All My Links for Sex Work

If you’ve listened to the podcast recently you’ll know that All My Links is my new favourite thing.

Not just because it’s a good way to lump all your links and socials together so that someone can find you everywhere they may be, but also because it’s a safe and easy way to accept payment!

And not only that, you can also SELL on it whilst you’re asleep.

Yes, siree. Last night I sold on All My Links and didn’t have to do a jot of work. In fact, I was fast asleep.

The way it works is that you can post links and make some of them pay to unlock.

That means you can have a link to a G Drive or Dropbox folder in there that the person basically pays to unlock. Once they pay, the get the link.


You could do it for panties but the thing about selling panties through All My Links is that you have guys that want extra days and add ons etc. So perhaps better suited to selling pics or videos.

Absolutely bloody genius.

It’s my plan to set up my All My Links with a select 10-15 of my best pics/video content and have it there to direct potential buyers to through my Twitter or website. They can then purchase whenever they want – I don’t even need to be awake!

Not only that but you can also crowd fund or accept tributes using their Funding Campaign option.

I literally could not be more impressed with the functionality on All My Links and I highly recommend it to every seller.

Here are some screenshots of what my page looks like to give you some idea.



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