Video $tar Training

I remember the first few videos I made to sell on Pantydeal…

I never in a million years intended on selling digital content when I first signed up. It just so happened that my first customer wanted pics and that was that. And then after a few days being on the site I could see that videos were just a thing that everyone else seemed to sell and so I thought WHY THE HELL NOT?!

I decided my boundary was ‘no face’ but other than that, anything was fair game.

In the beginning I made so many rookie mistakes.

I remember the first video I made I recorded on my laptop instead of my phone and the file was so large I couldn’t send it. I had to compress it three times which made it basically blurry blocks on a screen. OMG it was so bad. It basically looked like Minecraft I’m not kidding!

I then took to recording on my phone but again, rookie that I was, I was recording in portrait instead of landscape…

I also used WeTransfer so my customers were able to download my videos! 🙁

I created content before I’d been paid for it!

I also drastically under-priced.

All the mistakes!!

But by the time I left PD a year later I had over 50 premade videos that were selling regularly and generating thousands of dollars of income on top of panty sales.

I also had plenty of custom videos under my belt.

Now I have over 100 videos on I Want Clips, my main video selling site.

It’s fair to say that my output has gone way up in terms of quality and content. But it was a journey of discovery and I’ve learned a lot along the way about how to create and sell videos and that’s what I now want to share with you.

I created the Pics That $ell course a couple of months ago and now I’m turning my attention to helping you create great video content and showing you exactly how I did and do it.

Introducing… Video $tar – how to create videos your buyers and bank balance will LOVE!

Video $tar is my latest course designed to not only teach you everything you need to know to create compelling video content but my own secrets on video content and income creation!

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside:

Here’s What’s Included:

  • My Own Journey Making & Selling Video Content
  • How To Make Great Videos That Sell
  • Why Men Pay For Porn
  • What Content To Create & How To Come Up With Ideas
  • How To Advertise Your Videos
  • Protecting Your Content
  • Equipment and Set Up
  • How To Specialise in Niche/Fetish Content
  • Video Trainings Showing You Exactly How I Create My Own Videos
  • My Favourite App & How I Use It

All of the above in an 80 page PDF Training Guide plus a selection of Audio and Video Trainings and walk-throughs with my own personal videos. You’ll also get an additional guide from Pics That $ell that goes into specifics around hacks for your lighting set-up to make sure you create the best quality content you can. 

Ready For More?

If you’re ready to start creating multiple streams of income using just your smartphone (no need for fancy cameras or editing tools) then dive straight in.

You can purchase Video $tar separately or as part of a discounted bundle deal with Pics That $ell. Click the image below to be taken to the shop. 


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