Ways To Surprise Your Best Used Panty Buyers Today

So one of my regular customers has just purchased another pair of used panties from me. Lovely stuff. And this guy is so sweet and I really enjoy his custom and his messages that he sends me.

I already knew I wanted to go over and above for this order – and you know how much I talk about blowing them away – so I figured why not blog about the different things you can do to make your customer excited to order from you again and again.

For this customer, I opted to include an extra pair in the package. I’ve done that before for him so that’s not technically going to be a massive surprise but it’s certainly an option.

Now, you may think that’s too much. But the overall lifetime value of this customer is way more than the cost of a pair of pants and even how much I’d make from another customer if I was to wear them. So for me, it’s a no-brainer. For you, you might think that’s too much. It depends on your customer.

Additionally, I thought I might send a personal audio that I know he’d enjoy. You could choose to send a voice message or something a little spicier. You could include an audio that you’ve already made for sale but something personal that includes their name is much better. Plus, using their name really adds an extra something special to the order.

A lot of sellers include pics or videos with the order. If you don’t do that as standard then sending a premade along with the order might just be an extra surprise bonus.

Going out of your way to include something that’s specific and relevant to them – even if it’s just a link to a YouTube video that you think they might like. I’ve done that with customers in relation to a conversation we’ve had and it shows you really care about their custom!

I actually asked my OF subscribers once what their favourite song was and I sent them a personalised video to that song. Now, they were paying for the subscription so it wasn’t technically a freebie but it kinda was. It took me time to put together but it really blew them away with the thoughtful and personal touch.

Sometimes just checking in with previous customers and asking them how they are or sending them a cute pic can make them feel like they’re more than just a transaction to you.

So the point of the exercise is for you to give some thought to what you can add to an order that can really set you apart from the competition.

Little gestures (they don’t have to cost a lot) can really make the difference!


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