What Do Used Panty Buyers Want?

What do your used panty buyers REALLY want?

And I don’t mean panties, of course they want the panties.

I mean what lies beyond that?

What are the core desired feelings of your customers?

What makes them keep coming back for more – from you or from any other seller on a site?

Because let’s be honest, knowing what it is your customer WANTS (which is different from needs, right? we tend to buy 99% of what we buy because we fucking WANT the damn thing) is pretty valuable information when it comes to making sales.

But before we go into what they do want, let’s look at what they don’t want…

They don’t want your drama.
They don’t want you to talk about the bills you’ve got to pay.
They don’t want you to outright tell them to buy something just because you want to sell it or YOU decided it’s on special offer
They don’t want to feel like your next money making ATM (well, some guys do but we aren’t talking findom today)
They don’t want to hear about your complaints or your problems with a platform or other sellers/buyers
They don’t want to be scammed or messed around with their order!

Ok so that’s pretty straight forward…

What do they want?

They want a connection.
They want a form of intimacy.
They want a top quality product that is EXACTLY what they paid for and were expecting. 
They want to be surprised – in a good way!
They want you to care – or at the very least pretend you do.
They want you to communicate…clearly… even if they don’t communicate back.
They want you to be interested in them and their desires.
They want to get to know you.
They want to like you and believe that you like them too.
They want to feel important in that very moment.

You see, you’re giving them something that they can’t get off the platforms you find them on.

Yes, they want to get off. Of course they want to get off. But it ain’t as simple as that. Because if it were, they’d go to pronhub where it’s free, right?

They don’t want pronhub. They want you. In all your incandescent beauty. (Yes, you!)

So instead of getting yourself worked up about review numbers and prices and competition, why don’t you focus on giving them what they actually want?

And if you don’t know, ask! 

Guys are falling over themselves to give you that kinda information and THAT is worth a lot of money to you and a lot of satisfaction to them.

So let’s do it, shall we?

Dalma x

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1 thought on “What Do Used Panty Buyers Want?”

  1. Can’t really argue with any of that… it is such a tricky industry to wrap your head around from either side. The desire/demand for the product is there 110% but being clear and articulate when expressing a request or constructive feedback… oivey

    I have also found it kind of awkward and interesting trying to discuss the business end of the industry. It’s a very personal brand of marketing that is employed when selling items this intimate but by the same token, how do sellers connect with service providers themselves?


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