What Do Used Panty Sellers Sell?

Perhaps when you signed up to start selling your panties you thought (as I did) that panty selling platforms just sold panties? Wrong.

What you’ll discover is that there is way, way, way, way more than you can sell. And the more you can sell, the better because obviously your income will go up in line with how many different offerings you have.  

Now that said, there’s nothing wrong with providing for a niche and only being available for certain items, but certainly if you’re open to it on your terms then there are lots of different avenues that you can explore.  

So let’s look at what other items panty sellers are selling…

Underwear is obviously a given – anything you can wear is a goer. Panties and bras and socks of all shapes and sizes, whether they’re old and battered or brand new and high-brand. Negligees, camisoles, any type of nightwear and all regular clothing including but not limited to sportswear, yoga pants, shorts, bikinis and costumes, scarves and even men’s clothing! 

And then we move on to footwear. Any type of shoe, even if they are old and crappy and ready for the bin. Flats and sandals, high-heels and boots. All kinds. If you can wear it on your feet, it’s a sure thing for all the foot fetishists.  

Sissies like girly things like makeup. Toiletries and perfume, hair brushes, tooth brushes and even hair from your brushes or nail or pubic hair clippings! Yes, really.

Used sanitary wear and menstruation items. Tampons and towels as well as panty liner pads. These products fetch a high price! 

Bodily fluids. Yes, if you excrete it, you can sell it. Discharge, ejaculation (male and female), blood and pee and poop. Again, these products sell for big bucks! If you aren’t charging a ransom for these you ought to. I have a pricing guide to help you! 

I don’t necessarily condone the sale or postage of some of these items, I’m simply telling you what can and does sell. You need to be aware that the postage of some of the above items flouts some laws in some countries. Do your due diligence before posting.  

Next, we have digital goods like pictures (although you can sell polaroid pics too).  

You can sell premade or custom pictures. Custom pictures go for a much higher price.   

Videos can also be premade or custom. Custom videos go for a much higher price. Your own personal boundaries will dictate what you are comfortable with. Videos showing face tend to be more popular. 

G-Drive or Dropbox deals – lifetime access or monthly access to all your content or specific content is something a lot of sellers who offer digital content also add on to their offerings. Prices depend on how much content is being sold and for how long they have access. 

Couples – if you are offering a service that includes your partner, you can charge more for videos, camming etc. Your partner’s ejaculation and used underwear may also be requested.

Sexting and camming. These are sessions priced per minute and the price of sexting can depend on whether you are sharing live pics and videos in the session. 

Sextoys – used sex toys are very popular. Everything you might use in the bedroom can be sold. Also access to your device from wherever they are in the world is another popular offering.  

Edibles – yes, things you can eat that you can stick up your ass and vag. Lollipops (AKA pussy-pops and ass-pops) are very popular As are all different types of sweeties either inserted or soaked in cum or other bodily fluids. Some sellers go the extra mile and “bake” with extra special ingredients – bodily fluids and secretions. You might want to keep your windows open for a year after that. 

Domme/Findom and Femdom. These are more specialist and you should get advice from seasoned dommes on how to approach this work. 

Girlfriend Experience is basically where you act like someone’s girlfriend for a set amount of time from one day to one month. This is priced depending on what’s offered.  

Subscription offers like access to your snapchat or Onlyfans is another incentive where you’re sharing digital content for a set price per month. Some sellers also sell access to their KIK name for buyers to contact them. 

So hopefully that’s given you some idea of what you can sell. The reality is that if you dream it up and think that someone out there might buy it, try it. There’s no harm in experimenting with ideas and always operating within your boundaries. 

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