What Panties Should I Sell Online?

If you’ve been in this panty selling business a while, chances are, like me, you have loads of panties.


Spilling out of my drawers and on top of other clothes.

Just everywhere!

I decided enough was enough a couple of days ago and decided it was time to Feng Shui my panties. You know, that ancient Chinese shit about flow and energy and keeping your living space in a particular way to enhance the flow.

Yeah, that.

The idea is that once you sort this shit out that the rest of your life will flow easier and good things will happen.

And if there was one area overflowing with madness and chaos it was my panty drawer.

I got everything in a big pile and resolved myself to sort it all out. But this was about more than just tidying up the mess. This was a bigger message about what kind of panty seller I wanted to be. And to really evaluate whether what I was selling made me feel like a fucking goddess.

The answer was clearly no.

Many of the panties just did nothing for me. And if they did nothing for me, chances are that kind of meh-ness would project to how I was selling them.

If you’re going to sell you need to really be behind your product – pun!

I decided to get rid of the panties that weren’t a FUCK YES.

Anything less than a fuck yes, is a no.

And sure, there might be someone out there that would love them. Hell, some guys want the oldest, ugliest pair. But it’s not enough for me to sell the shit out of them. And it casts a shadow on the rest of the panties when I’m thinking about how much I dislike those ones.

Does that make sense?

I had a whole bag of panties I got at a good price a few months ago but the truth is I didn’t really like them. They weren’t comfortable to wear (I know, loads aren’t) and they just made me feel…meh!

Like I said, me feeling meh about them is definitely affecting my sales.

So I made the resolution to only keep and sell the FUCK YES panties. The result? Now I love all my panties and I can really get behind selling them.

I also sorted them into panties, bras, stockings and socks and I resolved to keep my underwear drawer tidy and organised.

I retook all my photos and organised my shop and it feels like Marie Kondo and I had a baby together. 🙂

Because as above, so below. Haha, if my panty drawer is organised then so am I.

If it’s tidy, then so is my business.

If it’s flowy and all things feng shui then basically, so is my life.

I know, I’m completely mental.

But let’s find out shall we?

I’ll report back if I notice a difference… 🙂

Yesterday I sold a custom video. $20 for two minutes work. Not bad… Apart from that, all quiet on the panty selling front 🙂

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  1. I love this post. I was just cleaning out my panty draw a couple of days ago. I was looking at some of them like… why the hell did I buy this? Because I heard the granny panties sold. But I don’t feel my best wearing them or taking pics in them. This really makes sense. Thanks for sharing this. I’m enjoying your blog so far.


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