What To Do When Your Sales Are Falling…

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

Want to know a secret? December has been my quietest month of sales so far. It’s my pantyversary on the 26th December – that means one year since I officially started on my quest to sell panties and make lots of money online – and here I am with the driest spell of sales ever.

You might have heard me say on the podcast last week that it feels as if things have changed recently.

So are we talking about the run up to Christmas being quiet?

CAN WE BLAME CHRISTMAS for the dry spell?

Or is it something else?

Well, I know from two sellers in my group that they’ve had their best month yet in terms of sales.

And I also know from another two sellers in my group that they’ve had their worst month yet too.

So what gives?

How can some sellers be fucking raking it in and others be in disbelief at the sheer lack of sales?

Well, lots of reasons.

Some sellers are utilising their time effectively. Are you spending time being busy or actively engaging in the activities that bring you most bang for your buck? Spending your time on the wrong things can be at play.

Some sellers have more to offer in terms of products/services. Don’t be disheartened if someone is making tonnes when by comparison you only offer 20% of what they do. That can be a big part of it.

Some sellers have more regular clients. Those who’ve been doing this a while can usually rely on their regulars purchasing often and therefore making more sales. It’s easy to convert a warm lead than a cold one!

Some sellers are in KIK groups. These groups have their ups and downs but if you’re in there, you’ve got access to customers at your fingertips and that can really boost income.

Some sellers are lucky. Nothing more to add there. Yes, you create your own luck 80% of the time but sometimes you just strike it lucky with someone who’s online at the right time.

Some sellers have the wrong mindset. I know, I KNOW, if I keep telling myself it’s hard or I’m not making sales etc. that I’ll bring more of that shit in. One of the biggest challenges in this work is staying positive and upbeat without the sales to boost your mood.

Does that make you feel better?

Can you remind yourself of those things before you decide to quit because you haven’t made a sale?

Also remember that your customer base might be influenced by the holiday season. Not everyone wants to spend on services or products at this time of year. So definitely don’t get disheartened, there probably is a “Christmas effect”.

If you’re struggling, keep telling yourself that the New Year will be your best year yet and remind yourself that if your sales are flagging, you’re in good company!

Peaks and troughs. It’s the nature of the beast.

Keep going.

Keep going.

Keep going.


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