What To Focus On If You’re Selling Panties

So we talked already about focusing your energy on what you can do to make panty sales rather than what you think is preventing you.

Because really, you could spend all day or week procrastinating on all the things – the wrong things – to try and up your sales.

Let’s look at the 4 key areas as I see it.

And I’m delighted that these 4 things make a cheeky little acronym because who doesn’t like an acronym??

Ok, here goes.

To sell panties, focus on M.E.S.S.

Mindset. Energy, Service. Strategy.

Good, huh?

So you’ve maybe read that and thought “This woman is tuned to the Moon”, but stay with me.



Fucking massive.

If you can keep your mindset on point 80% of the time you’re already winning the game.

Now, this topic is FAR TOO HUGE for a blog post. Hell, entire books have been written about mindset and changing our minds and reprogramming our limiting beliefs.

But let’s break it down really simply.

I talked yesterday about not believing the bullshit that says YOU CAN’T. That’s lies. That is going to fuck you up every time.

You can make great money selling panties. You can. Plenty are. It can be you.

Do you believe it?

Do you believe you are worthy of compensation for your effort?

Do you believe men want what you have?


Let’s move on to ENERGY.

What the actual fuck do I mean by that?

I mean the energy you exude to this work, to other sellers, to your customers.

Again, this is huge. Fuck, I better write a book.

So I’m a big believe in you get back what you put out.

Don’t get me wrong, that is super fucking hard some days when you are dealing with men who are disrespectful in pretty major ways or worse, right? I allow myself to feel the emotion, whatever it may be and then I have to move on. I HAVE to. Because I know it poisons my work if I hold on to past situations or guys I’ve dealt with.

That also goes for other sellers. FUCK, LET THEM SUCCEED!! Let them make fuck tonnes of money There’s plenty to go around. Cattiness and bitchiness and comparison is what it is but I don’t (or at least try not to) get involved because I know it poisons my work.

And energy towards yourself. Remind yourself you are a fucking panty selling LEGEND and really imbue that.

So that’s energy.

What’s next?


What do I mean by that?

Provide a good service, that’s what.

Any business that wants to stay in business must be on point with customer service. But I’m not just talking about how you communicate with guys but your actual product.

Do what you say you will. Go above and beyond. Throw in surprises. Go the extra mile. Do your best.

It’s what we all want from the companies we buy from and if you do it right, you’re guaranteed to get repeat panty buying customers.

It’s common sense, right?


Now again, not enough space here to go over this but what’s your strategy. Do you have one?

Do you just post pictures and hope and pray customers will come to you? Because yeah, that works to an extent if you’re on a platform where the leads are already hot 🙂

But is that enough?

What more can you do?

Do you reach out to potential customers?

Do you build relationships?

What is your approach? Have you even thought about it?

Think outside the box. Don’t just aimlessly copy other women because clones are never a good strategy.

I’ll leave that topic for another day – or perhaps podcast episode 3…

So that’s it. M.E.S.S.

Every day work to improve one of these or more and you’re on your way to becoming a global panty selling entrepreneur.

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