What Would A Successful Used Panty Seller Do?

I know, I know, coming at you again with the hippie-dippie, success bullshittery.

But hear me out. Because first of all, this shit works. And secondly, what have you got to lose?

So I’ve been IMMERSED in all the circles of self-development and success for many a year. Since 2007 to be exact. Yes, I’m THAT old.

And one thing that has bode me well and stood the test of time is to run everything through this question:

What would (insert successful person in the field I aspire to become successful in) do?


It’s like WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? But in a radically oh-my-god-Jesus-would-NEVER-sell-panties kind of way. Obviously.

So how does it work?

Well, become conscious of what you are spending your TIME and ENERGY on when it comes to selling and ask yourself the following question…

“Is THIS ACTIVITY/THOUGHT/DEED/ACTION what a successful panty seller would do?

And if the answer is no, don’t do it.

Easy, right?

And sure, it’s not always 100% easy to know what you have to do when you aren’t in that place yet. But rather than try and figure it out from the inside-looking-out, this exercise encourages you to look at it from the outside-looking-in.

Like, if you were already successful as a panty seller – whatever ‘success’ means to you – what would you be spending your time on and what would you actively avoid?

So to give you a more practical flavour of what I’m on about, for me, I would not respond to clearly obviously time-wasting messages.

I would not waste my time and energy leaving negative reviews. This is a contentious one that will be talked about on next week’s podcast!

I would spend time engaging with prospective clients.

I would go over and above with my orders.

I wouldn’t sell myself cheap or accept any kind of bartering or abusive behaviour towards myself or others.

I would use my time effectively and not haphazardly – and on the RIGHT things.

I would energetically expect that my customers will return with more orders. Do you automatically EXPECT your customers will order again? If not, why not?

I would never apologise or feel bad about charging my worth. In fact, it wouldn’t cross my mind AT ALL that my prices were too high. I wouldn’t hesitate in my quotes but I would provide discounts for EXISTING GOOD customers!

I would be courteous and supportive of OTHER SELLERS.

You get my drift?

If you’ve got time – and I highly recommend you make time – write out your list of what YOU think a successful panty seller would or wouldn’t do and START ACTING FROM THAT PLACE.

They call that FAKE it until you MAKE it.

And it fucking works. Trust me.

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