What’s The Maximum Amount of Time You Should Wear Panties?

If you’ve been selling your worn underwear for a while, chances are some guy has come out the woodwork to ask you this question.

Every seller is different in this regard.

Some sellers won’t wear more than three days, others will up to two weeks.

Clearly, the most important aspect here is hygiene and your own health and safety. 

For me personally, I wouldn’t wear more than five days. I’d of course shower in between (nothing more gross than putting worn panties on after you come fresh out a shower) and I don’t wear to bed at night.

That’s my own personal boundary and I charge handsomely for it.

For a five day wear you’d be looking at $100. That’s probably too low for a lot of sellers. You have to decide what your absolute minimum is and stick with it. If in doubt, add more!

If anything feels as if it’s not happy down there then you should stop the wear and explain to your customer. Either discount or add on to the order to make up for the lost days.

Ultimately, this is your business and your rules.

If ‘add ons’ have been requested then you need to be even more careful. Stuffing for example can be very upsetting to your lady bits and I’d never recommend stuffing for more than a few minutes.

I know some panty sellers who’ve had terrible infections and irritations from wearing for too long or fulfilling odd requests. Some have even had to take weeks off selling their worn panties. 

Look after yourself. If your downstairs go out of action that’s you out of business for a while! So take it easy out there.


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