When You Can’t Sell Panties/Physical Products

So unless you’ve been living in an actual cave you’ll know that the current situation in the world means that the likelihood of you being able to sell your used panties in the foreseeable future is very hindered.

As a resident of Spain, we are now officially on lock down. Asked to stay indoors for 15 days (at least).

The post offices are now shut here so I physically can’t sell and send anything.

Any buyer who’s approached me to buy has been told to come back to me in a few weeks as there’s literally no point me taking orders when I’ve no idea when I’ll be able to fulfil them. Also, the last thing I want is a massive backlog. I have four orders currently waiting to go out whenever normality resumes.

So, what can you do if you can’t sell physical products or panties?

Well, what a lot of sex workers are doing is starting to focus on their digital content. Namely videos and pics with live sessions offered. 

The problem with custom and live cam sessions for quite a lot of us is that now we are confined with our families and not necessarily able to create that kind of content with them around.

The flip-side is that some of your customers may also be in the same situation, where they’re unable to engage or purchase your content with their family in the vicinity.

But really, if people are going to be forced to stay off work and indoors until this blows over, it’s likely video content is going to be the ace up your sleeve in terms of income.

If you don’t already have an Onlyfans account, I’d suggest you open one (or AVN Stars or Admire Me VIP or any of these kinds of sites). 

I’ve informed my Onlyfans VIPs that I won’t necessarily be able to post the same kind of content but that I’ll do my best to keep showing up. 

Communication with your fans and customers is VITAL. Let them know what’s going on for you and what they can expect. Especially if you have buyers waiting on orders.

It came up in my group about whether we should offer any incentives for people having to wait for their order to arrive – even if it was posted before lock down. It’s your decision, but from my perspective, we’re all going through this and it’s nobody’s fault so why compensate?

I’m pushing my video content during this time. I’m so thankful to have 50+ premade videos that I can rely on and sell through my Onlyfans.

But what else can you do?

Well, how about sorting out your G Drive/Dropbox? I don’t know about you but mine was cluttered as fuck. This morning I cleaned the whole thing up and organised it.

I sorted out a new folder with all the pics I’d like to post on my free Onlyfans.

If you can, if you have space and time to do so, take some fresh pics for your advertising and stock images.

Learn about sales and marketing!

Learn about branding!

Learn about panty selling!

Continue to connect with buyers even though you can’t sell them physical products. 

Read my book or catch up on the podcast!

Research and set up new platforms.

Join Onlyfans

Start a Twitter account and connect with other sellers and buyers.

Do some research on the panty fetish.

There are lots of things you can do during quiet times that will keep you focused on your business because falling off the horse and not getting straight back on can make it harder to get back into selling. This is especially apparent during Summer holidays and Christmas time.

If you’re in a seller group, stay engaged and keep active. 

These are just bumps in the road. 

We will get through it, hold tight.

Stay safe and look after yourself.


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