Where To Get Content Ideas

When it comes to generating content ideas for your products and offerings, there are a number of options available to you. Being able to generate new creative ideas can certainly help to keep your work fresh, exciting and lucrative!

Not everyone is able to pluck money making ideas out of thin air but the good news is that your idea muscle can be strengthened over time.

Here are a few ideas on how to come up with ideas for content for your business.

The most important part of this whole thing is to change your mindset. If you’re the kind of person that sees what other people are doing and feels despondent because you don’t think you can come up with good ideas, you need to talk yourself out of that bullshit.

Many sellers just give up and end up copying other sellers (this is NEVER a wise strategy) rather than REALISE that you have a well of ideas within you. It’s just that you haven’t been open to that idea or cultivated and honed it.

So yes, you are capable of coming up with shit hot ideas.

The truth is, some of your best money making ideas are yet to come. Isn’t that exciting?

This is available to you.

If you don’t believe that, you’re going to struggle, sis!

So yeah, get yourself into the habit of telling yourself that you regularly come up with cool, inventive ways to make money in your business.

Next up, reality check.

You need to understand that a lot o your ideas you come up with will be mediocre or even flop. AND you need to be ok with that.

Out of every 10 ideas you have (or content you create), 6 will probably be mediocre, 2 will be shit and 2 will be amazing. That’s just the way it goes. Don’t for fucksake be a perfectionist and expect every idea to be a money-making road to riches and glory. Just won’t happen like that.

The most important thing is to keep them coming and try not to judge them straight out the gate. Sometimes the ideas you have that you think are shit end up leading to better ideas. Truth.

Market research – see what other sellers are doing.

This is a tricky one. You want to maintain enough distance so that you don’t a) end up copying or b) end up feeling shit about yourself.

It’s a thin line and not everyone can look at what other sellers are offering and creating but I find keeping one eye closed when I’m looking helps. JOKE! Actually, if I’m in a positive high-vibe mood, I can take a look without too much trouble.

Definitely do not ever copy other sellers but it’s ok to be inspired by the content, the look, the vibe etc. 

Market research – what are buyers interested in?

Most sites (panty selling and digital content selling) have some kind of review system. Mine that shit for information from guys that spell out specifically what they like. OR ask your customers. OR ask your prospective customers. People love to talk about themselves but guys also LOVE to talk about their fetish. They will go into minute fucking detail. This strategy alone has given me a TONNE of content ideas for videos and audios. Did I mention it cost me fucking no money to get that info and it generated hundreds/thousands of dollars?

Market research – what are the categories?

Sometimes we don’t know a thing is a thing until we go searching. I had no idea 80% of certain fetishes existed until I started selling on I Want Clips. It was like flicking through a brochure and going ‘I could do that… I could do that…I could do that’ 


And who knows, you might even find something that turns you on!

Which leads nicely to my next idea on getting ideas.


Trust me, if you’re turned on by the content you’re creating, you’re more likely to make money from it.

There’s an energy that pervades your being when you’re turned on by the content that is very difficult to fake and your customers can tell that you’re genuinely into what you’re doing/saying. When they know you love it and they also love it… that means $$$ and you end up enjoying your work! Who knew?

So what do you look at online or read or fantasize about? Start there. Build on those fantasies or your own fetishes and you’ll find your target market that gets to see you enjoying yourself.

Finally, it’s essential that you follow all urges and inclinations!

If you get an idea, a flash of insight or an inkling to create something – do it! It doesn’t matter whether you think it’s a good idea or not. You have to learn to follow the intuition to get to the good stuff.

Every idea should at least be entertained if not acted upon and immediately. 

Strike while the iron is hot. Don’t write it down to do next week or whatever. Because you’ll come back to it and find that it sucks.

Better to act on it now to really hone the skill of coming up with ideas and even if you don’t think it’s a masterpiece, it’s still content you can build upon.

Niche down to a particular fetish and examine it from every conceivable angle.

There are SOOOOOO many fetishes out there. 

There are so many facets to each individual fetish out there. You can create big-picture content and mini-niche content within a niche. You can really hone in on the fantasy aspect of the fetishist. Get to know what really turns them on and create scenario based content around that. Use your imagination and think about fantastical real-life scenarios they’d love to experience but don’t get to. Create that story in their head and narrate or act it out.

Really squeeze every last ounce of juice out of a fetish. This also works because your customers get to buy new content that they know is just another version of what they already love and have seen from you before. It’s like the obvious next episode they have to watch. If you get this down to a fine art you can turn one massive video idea into a six part extravaganza and make them watch it in order and eager for the next instalment.



Ok, it’s not really easy. There are definitely days and times where I’m more into making content and I have to really make the most of that to get my work done.

But hopefully I’ve given you some help in creating your own amazing content.

And remember, the best is yet to come. Or cum. Whatever!


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