Where To Sell a Girlfriend Experience?

I got this question from a seller:

Thank you so much for taking the time to write and share your Girlfriend Experience guide! It’s absolutely amazing and saved me sooo much time searching through google to find the questions you answered. 
I wanted to get your opinion on advertising and where to put listings safely if you have the time!. I’m not sure of safe places to advertise. I’m sceptical about putting them on a place like Craigslist. I was thinking of making a Twitter and posting there but I’m not too sure. 
Here’s my reply:
Thank you for reaching out. This is a great question. The majority who purchase the guide are already on worn goods selling sites. Are you offering that service too or just the online digital stuff? Selling sites like Pantydeal etc?
If it’s not worn stuff then I’d say Twitter is a good addition to other strategies but maybe not sufficient on its own. It might be a place to start but I’d make sure that I was very clear in my marketing and have your handle be something like YourNextGirlfrind or YrNxtGrlfrnd but make the rest a very personable personality and post only from that persona. Does that make sense?
Reddit might be a place to check out. I’m not certain about how Craigslist clamps down on stuff like that but possibly.
Here’s another option. You could consider setting up an Onlyfans and linking that with your Twitter. You could focus solely on girlfriend material. There’s generally three strategies with OF. A free page (costs them nothing to follow you, no nudity or anything but you upsell your services there), a paid page (guys pay to follow you for girlfriend type content and you can also upsell the GFE there) or a combination of both. Might be something to ponder as it’s easy access to you and they can upgrade to the GFE from that point.
I don’t know if there are other more X-rated classified adverts you can access but they’d be my go-to. 
I hope that helps. Happy to bounce more ideas off each other to help you out!

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