Women Over 40 in Adult Entertainment – Panty Sellers

What age are you?     

I am 46.

How long have you been selling?    

I sold my first pair of panties 20 years ago… I am still good friends with that gentleman. 

Where do you sell?     

Currently, I only sell on Pantydeal. 

Do you sell additional items other than panties?      

I sell pre-made videos, custom videos, pictures, sexting, live video sessions and I currently belong to kik group of ladies who do weekly themed photo/video sets. 

What are the pros of being an older seller in this industry?     

As an older seller, I fill a “niche” with sissy and mommy boys. I also am able to build trust and loyalty quickly. My time is my own, I am not juggling career/children/school activities. Which gives me the time to commit and fulfil my buyers desires.  

What are the main challenges of being an older seller in this industry?     

My biggest challenge was learning all the tech stuff and apps used these days. (My daughter is my #1 tech guru)   

What advice do you have for women over 40 who’d like to get into this work but worry they are ‘too old’?         

I left the business for several years for this exact reason, I felt that I was aging out. It was my daughter that convinced me to start  again. I had forgotten just how much I loved being in front of a camera and just how much I truly enjoy making connections with my buyers. Age does not matter as much as commitment and enjoying what you are doing! 

What advice do you have for young sellers who want to break into the industry?     

You are gorgeous, believe in yourself and your product. You are worth every dime and then more! Do not sell yourself short, do not let some one else define your value or worth. 

What percentage of your customers actively seek you out for your maturity?     

Damn near all of them, many are blown away that I am actually 46. 

Would you say being an older seller has certain advantages over younger sellers? If so, what?      

I am confident and I know what I am comfortable with, I know what my expectations are. This is a business for me, not just a side hustle. So I think that at this point my age has advantages, in that I know what I want and work it to my best ability. 

Cindy Mason 

PD: CindyMasonxxx 

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