Women Over 40 Selling Their Used Panties Online

I’ve decided to do a feature series of interviews with sellers over 40. I think it’s important to showcase older sellers too and glean valuable advice from them. From my perspective, there are advantages and disadvantages to being an older seller in this industry. After I run this series of interviews I’ll certainly be answering the questions myself.


What age are you?

I’ve just turned 54 and have been selling panties,  videos and pictures for 12 months now. I recently started to do one to one cam sessions too.

What are the pros and cons of being an older seller in this industry?

I think there are some advantages but my main ‘selling point’ is a bit of a double-edged sword, as I think that the majority of buyers that are looking for younger sellers tend to have a better income and buy more often.

I have several customers who want to engage on an ‘irregular regular’ basis and they are all younger men. At least one of them engaged with me because I’m mature. (Physically yes, mentally not so much!)

What are the main challenges of being an older seller in this industry?

Working in the same arena as younger sellers sometimes knocks my self-confidence as I’m not as taut and toned as I’d like to be. On the other hand, I think I still am pretty good for a 54 year old!

I certainly never worried that I was too old and I don’t believe that anyone is. The only thing to stop you is your mindset. I really enjoy feeling empowered because these buyers are coming to me.

What advice would you give to younger sellers?

I think sometimes younger sellers expect it to be easy selling panties, and I know that they can get disheartened when sales aren’t being made. I would advise patience and effort. It’s pretty much like any retail business. Some buyers are only window shopping but there are buyers who want you.

What’s the best thing about being an older seller?

I have to say that the best thing about being an older seller is having the nerve to be upfront and honest about it with my friends and family. So, I never have to worry about my future possible career as a politician.


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