Women Who Sell Used Panties Online – An Interview

How long have you been selling panties online?

I’ve been panty selling since end of September 2020 so now 4 months.


How did you get into it?

My co worker sent me a TikTok from like 2019 about it but I just kind off shrugged it off. Then I saw it on TikTok again in September 2020 & that time I needed money desperately so I joined a panty selling platform!


Where do you currently sell?

I sell only on Pantydeal. I had an account on Snifffr but I didn’t really see anything going on there. I also have an onlyfans and use a videochat app that pays me.


How much time do you spend working on selling panties?

It just depends on my schedule since I’ve been on lockdown I would say half my day. But when I was working I would say roughly 4-5 hours?


Why did you decide to start selling panties online?

I decided to start selling cause I was in need of money. Now I’m in a better place financially, it’s kind of like a hobby/side job to me 🙂


What do you sell?

I sell nudes, custom videos, videochat session, sexting and worn items. I also have an Onlyfans account.


What do you enjoy about selling panties?

I enjoy meeting all these fabulous people all over the world and getting to know them!


What do you find challenging about selling used panties?

I would say that what’s challenging is engaging a buyer because there are a lot of fish in the sea. Standing out can be challenging as there are so many sellers. The other challenge is you’re not going to make a sale every day.

What advice do you have to someone just starting out selling their used panties?

My advice for someone just starting off is have patience and that this is not easier than you think it is. It takes work to see effort, keep trying!
To become a successful panty seller I would say you need consistency, ability to put in effort to message buyers and engage with the community and just try to have fun.


How much do you make selling panties?

Like I said this job is a side job for me but I’ve only done it for 4 months and the first month I made $215, second month I made $600, third month I made $1300 (including Onlyfans and the videochat app) and last month I made $1500 (including onlyfans and videochat app). I only made that much cause I was working and had a lot of free time. So I would say average I make a month is roughly 500-700 just from pantyselling!


Do your friends/family know you’re doing this?

My friends know I do this, my family not so much. To be honest I don’t feel there is a need to tell them it is me working and making my own money.


How long do you think you’ll sell panties for?

To be honest I don’t know I guess until I get bored of it. I didn’t know I was going to have so much success in it, I’m trying to make it a passive side income. I’m definitely going to continue doing it for this year.

dancinggemini 🙂

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